Chemprojects normally has specialist companies as its permanent associate with a view to provide best services to the client. Some of the major associates are:

Aether Engg. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (AES)

Chemprojects and AES work as one consolidated design, engineering and project management consultancy company.  They operate from the same office and use common manpower.  Chemprojects & Aether are currently working together on few projects.  Aether website ID is

NH Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Chemprojects works with NH Consulting for all market surveys and forestry studies.  The association of Chemprojects and NH Consulting is quite old and they have jointly handled number of projects.  NH Consulting website ID is

Pekka Niku, CEO

Mr. Pekka Niku has been associated with Chemprojects for  many years through his company Poyry , Finland.  Poyry is a world leader in pulp & Paper  apart from other fields.

Mr. Pekka Niku started his own company with a name of  Pekka Niku Consulting Ltd. Oy  after his retirement from Poyry.  Chemprojects and Pekka Niku Consulting Ltd. Oy are jointly collaborating on high technology studies.  Pekka Niku Consulting Ltd. Oy Website ID is

Canahill Agricultural Est. Co., Saudi Arabia

Chemprojects has an associate based in Riyadh known as Canahill Agricultural Est. Co. Chemprojects is currently doing a project with Canahill for setting up a project near Riyadh to manufacture starch, modified starch and other dietary fiber projects.

Management & Engineering Consultant, Germany

Management & Engineering Consultant of Germany is an Associate of Chemprojects. This Company mainly deals with Environmental Technologies & Waste Management such as :

  • Rubber Tyre Recycling Plant
  • Pet Bottles Recycling Plant
  • Bio Gas Plant – producing Fertilizer & Power.
  • Sorting & Separation Plants for Paper, Light Packages and other Recyclables.
  • Plants for production of substitute fuel (RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel)
  • Automatic Sorting Plants for Mixed Plastic Packages
  • Refrigerator Recycling Plants
  • Combined Recycling Plant for E-Scrap & Refrigerator
  • Conveying Equipment

Mr. Debesh Mandal has vast International experiences of nearly 40 yrs in Research & Development, Project Management & Engineering for large Contracts and is based in Germany.

Dr. Abhinav K. Srivastava, Navran Advanced Nanoproducts Development International (P) Ltd (NAND IPL)

Chemprojects has set  up a tonner project using Nano technology in Himachal Pradesh.  NAND IPL  and Chemprojects are associated with the objective of providing Nano technology for paint and pharmaceutical industry.  Website of NAND IPL is

G.R. Nano Technology

Dr. Vijay Mathur of USA has nano based technology to manufacture calcium carbonate and calcium silicate.  Chemprojects is currently doing detailed engineering of first such plant in India.  GR Nano & Chemprojects jointly offer this technology to other entrepreneurs .   Website of GR Nano Technology is